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Enchanting Forever, Pangong Tso

Tso Pangong

Enchanting Forever, Pangong Tso

Stretching around 150km (with the eastern third in China), this mesmerising lake plays artist with a surreal palette of vivid blues. These contrast magically with the colourful mineral swirls of the starkly arid, snow-brushed surrounding mountains. The scene is striking for the almost total lack of habitation along shores that can look almost Caribbean.

Packages that Includes Tso Pangong Stay and Sightseeing

Wanderers wanderlust were mostly catered with the following offers

Quick Chill Pill at Ladakh

INR 11999/- Per Person

We would not love to offer this package to people who seek the leisure and adventure, but people who are busy with work and still got dreams. This is the best package for such people. This package includes all the great destinations of Ladakh Region. After landing, Ladakh would not give you a chance to close your eyes even if you want to. Glorious landscapes and gigantic and bewitched lakes would bind you in the spell and leave you on the drug called creation of the nature.

Overnight Destinations

Highlights Of The Package

  • 6 Days/5 Nights
  • Breakfast Included

Best of Ladakh

INR 13999/- Per Person

Ladakh, the region dominated by Buddha followers, offers unseen and unequaled beauty. In this package, we offer you the best of the region. The lakes, the mountains, the highest las, beautiful monasteries, warm and welcoming people are refreshing change for people who have been tortured in city life for ages. This short expedition could fulfill, atleast a little, your craving for Ladakh.

Highlights Of The Package

  • 7 Days/6 Nights
  • Breakfast Included

Ladakh at Leisure

INR 19999/- Per Person

Flying to Ladakh with Air and still do not want to miss any gem of Ladakh. This is the best to offer. Every region of the ladakh is covered with a stay in each of the regions popular in Ladakh valley. This package offers the peace of mind and luxury of time both as you do not have to bother about missing anything. Pack your bags and start thinking about the expedition that you have waited for years.

Highlights Of The Package

  • 9 Days/8 Nights
  • Breakfast Included

Road Trip to Ladakh

INR 22499/- Per Person

This offers you the most common itinerary for travelers who wants to enjoy the Ladakh region at best. Stunning Landscapes and sky scrapping mountains, make your travel pleasing through the valley. The mesmerizing lakes play artist with a surreal palette of vivid blues. These contrast magically with the colourful mineral swirls of the starkly arid, snow-brushed surrounding mountains. Buddhist list style brings new culture throughout the region. Enjoy the most fascinating and gorgeous change of mountain and landscapes, amazing lakes, and beautiful valleys with us in your travel.

Highlights Of The Package

  • 11 Days/10 Nights
  • Breakfast Included

Comprehensive Trip to Ladakh

INR 26999/- Per Person

It takes years of planning to plan something to this level. But once you are on Road, you leave behind everything for future. This package is for people who can leave those things behind and enter into the heaven. 15 days travel would take through different valleys, sky scrapping mountains, color changing lakes, monasteries echoing with the chants of mantras, smiling and welcoming people, various riders, different nationalities, and much more. Your 15 days trip would bring the best of the world.

Highlights Of The Package

  • 15 Days/14 Nights
  • Breakfast Included

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