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Traveling is an art which we all like to be involved in. It soothes our senses, enriches our soul, gives wings to our thoughts and imaginations and creates memories which lasts a lifetime. Armed with just a destination, and a bag full of zeal and enthusiasm, much was accomplished when I used to travel during my bachelor days. But time moves on and my bachelor days gave way to a married life. Priorities taking over, time being divided between many things leaves very little scope for those carefree days of travel. But it need not be so, is what we say at Celebrations. We will do our research FOR YOU. No need of exhausting your time and energy searching the places and hotels and what to see and what to avoid. No need of feeling lost and discouraged due to the reasons which stopped us from reaching out to a tour planner.

1. Costly Packages.
2. Fix Packages having least flexibility.
3. Fixed Hotels.
4. Little/No Involvement of Tour Agent.
5. Insufficient/Incomplete Information provided by Tour Agent
6. Tour Guide not available for specific tours.
7. Whole exploration is ours or we have to rely on locals. Costly Transportation.
8. Hotel locations.

I faced these issues, and I am sure that you might also have faced these issues in the past. So we thought to plan your trip, which is exclusively for you.

Are you scared to Book hotels online?

We are here for you now. Just relax. You do not need to book online. Believe me. Just believe me. We are going to find the best hotel in your budget. Instead, spend your time creating memories with your loved ones.

How do we decide the hotel?

It is little difficult to visit all the hotels to check the amenities, so to reduce the burden, we have taken help from different travel platforms. A Little bit of research on these platforms helps us to identify the difference between Good hotels and Bad hotels. These travel platforms provide lots of insight about a property by user reviews. Once we are in touch with hotels, we plan a visit to check the property. We are building a lifetime relationship, so it is mandatory for us to find the hotels, which can provide better services to you. Based on the reviews, we reach out to the hotels, which fits to budget and requirement.

What/Where should we eat?

India is an enormous country. We have various states with different culture and eating options. So we face the same dilemma, in a different state, as any foreign citizen faces in India. In this dilemma, we order dishes that are popular in our home state and these dishes disappoint us. People say that Travel is exploration, travel is socializing, travel is feeling, and travel is adapting. So when I travel, I eat the local food and it is always delicious. I can give you two best reasons to try local dishes. Food is one among the integral part of the culture. So, it connects us indirectly. Local chef can cook local dishes best.
Lazy Yatra Team recommends and arranges best restaurant in the city you travel. It will enable you to enjoy the trip more. In addition, Lazy Yatra Team is tying up with various eating joints for better services and discounts.

What should be the order and preference while visiting the Sights?

Most of us are busy travelers. We squeeze too many places in too less a time leaving very little time for leisure and rest. Additionally we don't know the best places to visit in the timeframe, we end up visiting less important, scenic, and worthy memorials instead important places. So the whole experience leaves a bitter aftertaste.
We try to resolve this issue for you. Based on the number of days at the destination place Lazy Yatra Team provides the order which must suit you based on hotel's location and your preferences. It will be done to keep your program smooth, and enjoyable. We believe in the essence of travel instead watching and returning.

Our Resolution

Lazy Yatra Team wants that everyone must spend some time of his/her year in rejuvenating, and it is committed towards its goal. It will provide the best travel of your life in most economic rates. It will try it's best to give each and every customer best moment of his/her life. It will not only make every traveler happy, but also each smile will motivate our team to try harder and do little better next time.

Review System

Though we are sure that our recommendations are perfect, but it is required to validate it with you too. In our attempt to provide the best in the market, we introduce 360 degree review/feedback system. All the members of the group will be asked to fill compulsory feedback. This feedback considers the various services provided by various travel partners, hospitality partners, and let us travel. Similar feedback is collected from respective vendors to complete the 360 process. If negative feedback is received, necessary actions will be taken against the concerned vendor.

We want you to feel lost. But not on the road and in the journey, but in the tranquility of the place or in the beauties of nature or in the sound of gushing waters of a waterfall or in the peaceful orange color of a sunset. The choice is yours. The plan is ours.

  • Ground Floor, PM Paradise, E8, Saraswati Nagar
    Jagatpura, Jaipur

  • Telephone:+91-141-400-4400



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